Link Building Specialist @ DFY Links – POSITION FILLED.

We currently have one position available. We are looking for a link building specialist who has a minimum 3 years experience working within the SEO / Link Building industry & fluent, native English language – US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nordics & British-Territories.

We’re looking for a 30 hour per week, 12 month contract (With options to extend after the 12 month period, and a 3 month paid trial period built-in) who can help our link building clients on DFY Links with –

  • Competitive, SERP and Link Profile Analysis
  • Anchor Text Analysis & Selection
  • Link Building Strategy

Base salary is non-negotiable, $30,000/year with end of year bonuses, standard rate hourly overtime availability and options for content/case study creation bonuses.

This is a great opportunity to work with a knowledgeable team that’ll help advance your experience in link building for hundreds of clients in over a thousand indiviual niches every single month. You’ll get the opportunity to work with industry veterans, access to cutting edge tools, expand your own projects, travel to events all over the world and get industry wide exposure through our blog that is read by over 25,000 indiviual visitors per month.

With the options to retain a contract with us after with payment increases.

Please give us as detailed introduction as possible. We will get back to every application, even if it is a no.